Capital: Quito  |  Population: 15.49 million

Study abroad in Ecuador and let the sights and sounds of South America surround you. Play a game of futbol after class or enjoy a hearty dinner with your host family. Experience the life of an Ecuadorian teenager a by spending a semester or academic year living with a caring host family and attending a local high school. You’ll be amazed by your Spanish fluency skills by the end of your exchange, and you will make friends that will last a lifetime! Studying abroad in high school is a great way to stand out on your college and university applications as well. You’ll come back from your exchange more mature, fluent, and ready to take on the world. Apply now!

High School Program Details

  • Placement in an Ecuadorian high school for a semester or academic year
  • Placement with a carefully-selected host family
  • Students take 13 to 14 courses related to their careers — Americans studying abroad here usually choose “social studies”
  • 2 years Spanish language study required
  • Comprehensive health and accident insurance included
  • Round-trip airfare included
  • Arrival orientation camp in Quito included (subject to change/cancelation due to COVID-19)
  • Extracurricular activities and excursions available at an additional fee
  • Application Deadline: April 1 (fall semester and year-long), October 15 (spring semester)
    • Students must be between 16 and 18 years old at the start of their program

Ecuador At a Glance

  • Family life is very important in Ecuador. Families spend time together relaxing, talking, and eating meals.
  • Futbol (soccer) and volleyball are both popular sports in Ecuador.
  • People in Ecuador are known to be very warm, open, friendly, and expressive.
  • Food in Ecuador has tremendous variety. Soups and stews with onion, peanuts, fish, rice, squash, beans, corn and lentils are popular.
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Program Fees

2024-25 Programs

Academic Semester $9,000
Academic Year $11,000

Price includes transfer to your host community. Visa, residence permit, and passport costs are not included. Please note you may be required to appear in person at a Consulate of Ecuador to apply for your visa. Depending on where you live, this may require out-of-state travel.


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