High School Year (HSY)

Aspect Foundation provides this affordable cultural exchange opportunity to students from more than 30 countries. Aspect Foundation students arrive in the US on J-1 cultural exchange visas, which are sponsored by our organization. While on the HSY Program, students live with a volunteer host family and attend a public high school. They are supervised by our local coordinators, regional and national staff while they are in the US. Our overseas partners work to promote the program and recruit students, interview them, assist them with the program application and their flights. Partners are responsible for ensuring that applicants have excellent grades, a high level of English and meet our minimum SLEP/ELTiS test score. They also provide a pre-departure orientation for students and support for the natural parents while students are in the US. Aspect Foundation does not pay commission; our partners are responsible for collecting their own fee as well as the HSY program fee, insurance, etc.

HSY Program Fee Includes:

  • Room and board provided by a carefully selected volunteer host family

  • Supervision during the program by an Aspect Foundation International Coordinator

  • Aspect Foundation student handbook, newsletter, and online access

  • 24-Hour emergency assistance through a toll free number

  • Enrollment in a US American high school

  • Documentation for obtaining a J-1 visa

  • Airport greeting at final destination by an Aspect Foundation coordinator and/or the host family

  • Help, support and advice during the school year by the Aspect Foundation staff

  • Welcome and additional orientations in their host community

  • Student progress reports

What is not included:

  • Overseas partner’s fee

  • Flights

  • Medical insurance

  • Pocket money for any personal expenses

  • Various textbook and school fees

  • Convalidation of courses for school credit in the home country

For more information on our HSY program, explore our website at aspectfoundation.org.

If you are interested in recruiting students for the HSY program, please complete the online high school program questionnaire.