Aspect Foundation’s mission:

Building international goodwill, cross-cultural understanding and a peaceful future through educational and cultural exchange.

Aspect Foundation was founded in 1985 as a small non-profit organization offering affordable study-abroad opportunities to students from around the world. We continue our mission today by providing a variety of outstanding educational and cultural exchange programs both in the United States and countries abroad. Students and host families alike have the opportunity to make lasting connections and meaningfully experience new cultures, traditions, and points of view.

People are the heart of Aspect Foundation. We believe that cultural exchange at its core is a relationship between people, bringing us closer to the world and each other in personal, transformative ways. We provide exchange experiences that offer unique global perspectives and encourage the confidence to make a difference in our interconnected world. Whether you are a high school student studying in a new and exciting place, a host family welcoming a new international member of the family, or a coordinator bringing exchange students to your local community, being a part of Aspect Foundation opens your world to new possibilities.

Although Aspect Foundation has grown in the last 30 years, we continue to be a closely connected extended family. We provide personal support, advice and friendship to each student and host family. We adhere to strict standards for student and host family selection, and we provide all participants with thorough preparation and training for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn more about Aspect and our emphasis on unique, supportive exchange experiences here.

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