Aspect host families are diverse. They have no typical size or shape. Host families can be adults 25 or older who are single or married, with or without children. Empty-nesters, retirees, families with young children, single adults, families with teenage children – you name it! They are diverse, but they all share a welcoming spirit and a commitment to providing safe, loving homes for exchange students.

Aspect host families are everywhere. They live in towns big and small across America, in almost every state. From rural farmlands to the busy sidewalks of cities (and everywhere in between), our different host communities allow our exchange students to experience all varieties of American life. 

Aspect host families are welcoming. They open their hearts and homes and share their daily lives with their exchange students. They provide loving homes for their students and introduce them to American life. Host families enjoy the rewards of learning about different cultures and forming lifelong bonds with a new member of their family. 

Hear From Our Host Families!

Thank you! Our family will be changed forever and grown to include family in Colombia!! What an experience!

“My daughter Gesche will always be in our hearts, we will always keep in touch. She is our friend as well as a child of mine. This experience is a treasure I will always keep close.”

“Having a daughter brings us so much joy by her openness, love of life and total enthusiasm for the most ordinary activities! My children get along so well with her. She attends church weekly and is director of the children’s choir. It feels like she has been with us forever.”

“I went to Europe this past summer to visit two former students. This was the first time I had been to Europe, and I probably never would have gone had I not hosted students in the past and had someone to visit.”

“Martin is absolutely wonderful! He is like one of my children. He has shared his life with us, and he has shown us what a wonderful experience this can be. I hope he comes back often, our home will always be open to him and his family.”

“All I can say is, it is a wonderful experience. We love it. These kids are just so willing to help and want to be a part of the family.”

“We are second-marriage parents and our kids come and go. Our student has given us the chance to have a full-time son and to rediscover our own children. Eduardo has been very easy, he just blended right in.”

Sound like your family? Follow these 5 easy steps to host an exchange student of your own!

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