Capital: Astana  |  Population: 16.8 million

Country Overview

Welcome to Kazakhstan, home to rich lands of resources and a history of diverse and nomadic people.

Nestled in the middle of Russia, China, Kyrgyszstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan has sweeping steppes, canyons and mountains. It has become a diverse country throughout its history, particularly as a result of its relationship with the former Soviet Union.

Today, Kazakhstan is a unitary republic, led by a president and prime minister. It has two official languages, Kazakh and Russian, and the majority of Kazakhstanis can speak both in daily life and in official affairs.

Daily Life

The family is incredibly important in Kazakhstan, coming from their rich nomadic history based in tribes. Oftentimes extended family will all live together. Members of the family usually have a distinct role and place, with elders given a lot of respect.

Food is a large part of daily life, as a way to welcome guests and to celebrate. A Kazakh diet is a hearty one, usually consisting of bread, potatoes, and meat. Kazakhstan is known for its apples and folks sit down to drink tea oftentimes six or seven times a day. 



Education in Kazakhstan is universally strong and mandatory through high school. 

Students in Kazakhstan attend one of several options for secondary school to continue their general and professional education. Specialized schools, magnet schools, language schools and technical schools all offer different curricula to prepare a student for the workforce or university study. 


Kazakhstani teenagers often enjoy joining community sports, arts or youth organizations. Soccer, martial arts, painting and music are all popular past-times.

Watching TV, listening to music and going to dance clubs together are common ways Kazakhstani teens like to have fun. Dress is casual, and similar to those of American teens.