As an International Coordinator, you help to create meaningful exchange experiences and provide excellent support to our students and host families.

A year in the life of a coordinator has two parts:

RECRUITMENT SEASON – Spring through Summer

From working with local schools to finding and screening host families, the first part of coordinating is to find homes for Aspect exchange students. This time of the year includes:

  • Contacting your local high schools to determine space and deadlines for exchange student enrollment.
  • Recruiting volunteer host families for Aspect exchange students. You network with friends, co-workers, community members and local organizations to find loving and safe homes for high school exchange students.
  • Screening host families by checking references and conducting in-home interviews.
  • Working with host families and guiding them while they pick a student who is a good fit with their tastes, hobbies, schedule and expectations.

SUPPORT SEASON – Fall through Spring

Once the students you have placed with host families arrive, you provide support during their exchange experience. This includes:

  • Advocating for your exchange students. From airport pick-up to drop-off, you work to ensure that your students adjust well, are in safe and comfortable environments, and have the resources they need to have a wonderful experience.
  • Organizing student orientations at the beginning, middle and end of the exchange year, communicating Aspect rules and policies and building community.
  • Checking in with each of your students monthly by phone or in-person and submitting reports on their status and experience.
  • Planning activities throughout your students’ exchange. Holiday parties, movie nights, excursions to local landmarks, and recreational events are all great ways to create memorable exchange experiences and share what’s special about where you live!