1What does an International Coordinator do?

As an International Coordinator, you find and recruit local host families, match international students with host families and schools, and supervise the students during their exchange experience in the U.S. For more details, please visit our International Coordinator Responsibilities page.

2Is this a paid position?

You are compensated with a stipend per student placed and supervised. Aspect also offers many bonus opportunities and a program of exciting incentive trips. The money provides a nice, supplemental income, though we look for people who approach coordinating with a volunteer spirit, and who first and foremost have a strong desire to care for their group of students and ensure they have the best possible experience. If you require a certain amount of income or hours, this is probably not the position for you.

3What is the time commitment?

Time commitments vary for every coordinator. Throughout the spring and summer, you will be actively recruiting host families and networking in your community, though this usually only takes a couple of hours each week. Once the students arrive in the U.S., phone calls, support, paperwork and activities account for approximately 2-3 hours per month, per student. Most IC’s have full-time or part-time jobs in addition to working with Aspect Foundation. This includes our many full-time parents. You will need to be a resident of your local community for the full academic year if you are supervising students. If you are planning to make a major move or to travel extensively during the year, this position is probably not a good fit at this time.

4How many students will I be working with?

We ask that you commit to placing at least 2 students each year. Coordinators work with their managers to set their own goals each year. Many coordinators are comfortable recruiting host families and supervising for 3-6 students, while some have so much fun that they routinely supervise 10+ students a year! It’s up to you and how many host families you are able to successfully bring on board.

5What type of exchange students will I be placing?

Aspect students are between the ages of 15 and 18 and come from over 30 different countries. They are carefully screened by our partners abroad and Aspect staff for English proficiency, academic excellence and cultural curiosity. They all come to the U.S. with a working command of English. Students study in American high schools for either a semester or full academic year. Check out our New Student Profiles to get an idea of the great students you could work with!

6How do I go about finding host families?

Aspect host families come in all shapes and sizes – they are adults 25 or older who are single or married, with or without children. They host to share their world and learn about another culture. Coordinators find host families in many different ways – networking with their friends and family, reaching out to neighbors and community groups, using social media, speaking at local fairs and events, working with teachers to get the word out, etc. Your Regional Manager and the Headquarters office will be there to offer you guidance and provide you with resources and materials as you start your recruitment season.

7What experience is necessary?

You must have a passion for helping young people learn and grow, and a desire to share your culture and learn about others. The position requires excellent communication skills, self-motivation, problem solving, patience and flexibility. Valuable previous experience could include volunteering, fundraising, organizing local events, active community involvement, sales experience or working with teenagers. Contacts in your local schools and media are also helpful. You do not need to know a foreign language (Aspect students speak English!) or be a world traveler to become an International Coordinator.

8Will I get trained for this?

Yes! Aspect Foundation has a strong system of support and training programs. You will receive web-based training, conference calls and one-on-one training, and you will have a manager and other full-time staff members available 24/7 for additional support. Visit our Training and Support for International Coordinators page for more information.

9Will I need to host an exchange student myself?

No, it is not required. However, many coordinators host or have hosted exchange students in the past. You will probably find it is much easier to ask someone in your community to host a student if you are doing so or have done so yourself. You’ll be able to answer their questions from personal experience and share your own experience as a host parent. Please note that in an emergency situation, it may be required that your student stay temporarily in your home until a more permanent home is found. For this reason, all coordinators receive a home screening and must have all household members submit information for criminal background checks.

10Are there opportunities for advancement after becoming an International Coordinator?

Yes. Most of our State Development Directors, Field Managers, Regional Managers, and National Advisors were once International Coordinators. If you have a passion for this work, there are many opportunities for you with Aspect.

11Is this position for me?

Keep in mind that you are only able to work with as many students as you have host families. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking people to consider hosting, this position is not for you. That being said, if you have the enthusiasm and tenacity, you will do well. You will be part of a great team changing the world one family at a time and have the opportunity to make friendships that extend far beyond your own community’s borders.

12How do I get started?

If you have read through all of the materials here on the website, and becoming an International Coordinator sounds like a good fit for you, wonderful! Click here to fill out an online application.