As a host family or coordinator for a high school exchange student, all members of your family (aged 18 and older during the exchange year) are required by law to pass a criminal background check. Please use the link below to access our secure site to submit your criminal background checks.

Please note:

  • Criminal Background Checks are submitted to Intellicorp Records, Inc. through their secure portal.  Aspect Foundation only receives the final results of the check and does not have access to host family Social Security numbers.
  • Aspect Foundation will receive only the following information from your criminal background check: verification that your SSN is valid and matches the name submitted, your address history, and the results of searches to the OFAC (terrorism watch list), the Nationwide Sex Offender Registry,Multi-State Criminal Search, and Single County Search.
  • There is NO credit report component to your criminal background check.
  • Your personal information and the results of your background check will not be shared with your International Coordinator, your student, or any other third party without your express written consent.

Please click below to access the Intellicorp Records secure portal and submit your criminal background check. You will need to enter the following password (we recommend copy and pasting it).

Password: AspectBC7